I’m a software engineer at MadGlory Interactive in Saratoga, New York. I’ve been a web developer for just about 10 years now with skills in a variety of areas, including the LAMP and .NET stacks. More recently, I’ve gotten into NodeJS, Python, and Objective-C. I’ve also been exposing myself to some of the NoSQL technologies that have burst onto the scene like Mongo, CouchDB, and Neo4j.

Needless to say, I love coding. Actually, to put it more accurately, I love to learn something new and then implement something with it.

One of the best ways for me to learn is to write about what I’ve done. To that end, the purpose of this blog is selfish; a place for me to record what I find out and commit it to memory. However, it’s my hope that this blog will help people learn something new as well - my own way of giving back to the coding community at large.

I’m not afraid to be wrong! Feel free to correct me where applicable. You can follow me on Twitter (warning: I don’t tweet much, but I do check my stream a few times a day) or GitHub.